Medical and Health WordPress Templates

Helen Template

The Helen template is designed for general practitioners and larger medical facilities with many medical services.


$149.99 / month

Lawrance Template

Lawrance is a template designed for the medical specialist. It focuses on bringing as much information about one topic.

$149.99 / month

Ellie Template

Ellie is a template designed for the health blogger who will continuously add new information to their website.

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Non-Profit WordPress Templates

Gates Template

Gates is a charity focused theme that promptly displays donation opportunities and lists the issues being solved through this foundation.

$149.99 / month

Alagappa Template

Alagappa is an academic theme that aims at providing resources. This could be guides for getting into college or workshops for writing a resume.

$149.99 / month

Teresa Template

The Teresa template is a more personable form of charity. It’s great for telling a story and helping out a more focused cause.

$149.99 / month

Real Estate Wordpress Templates

Andy Template

Andy is the down to business real estate business. It promptly displays what visitors are looking for.

$149.99 / month

Terri Template

Terri is a theme for housing development and communities. It helps promote whole neighborhoods and a certain quality of life.

$149.99 / month

Nancy Template

Nancy has a great outgoing personality and this theme is a great fit for those who welcome a friendly aesthetic.

$149.99 / month

Services WordPress Templates

Glaser Template

Glaser is theme for artistic individuals or organizations. The theme is more flashy in displaying the content instead. The website serves as a digital frame for their work.

$149.99 / month

Melinda Template

Melinda is a theme for the solopreneur. The theme is for professional services such as tax services, notary, or consulting. Melinda sticks with solid foundations for her design.

$149.99 / month

Ernest Template

Ernest is a theme for a copywriter or another service that would benefit from more text and fewer images. Blogs are clear and easy to read.

$149.99 / month